Ocak 01, 2018

here is my 2018 resolutions!

after many years that I have made too much effort to change my life, to have a good new year's eve with my loved ones and somehow couldn't make, this year I feel deeply hopeless. so I didnt do anything for the new year's eve. all alone without friends screwing up everyting, without couples drama, in a jean and a t-shirt, no effort for anyone while not celebrating anything and more like thinking how -somehow- almost everything changes in my life constantly but problems still remain almost the same.

couldnt find an answer yet for sure. maybe the simple answer which I'm lookinf for so long is just me. maybe nothing will change before I really change. anyway..

last year I wanted two things which are traveling and finding true love.

last year I traveled a lot. went to scandinavian countries, berlin - couple of times - and one of the gulf countries.

and made an effort and gave many tries to find a true love and screwed up every time. dating is neither fun nor helpful to find someone to wanna keep in your life.. whatever.

this year I want;

- to save money
- to travel two more places that I've never been before, one is morocco and the other one might be italy or paris.
- to keep learning german in a more serious way - aiming A2 -
- to restart

yes, the whole love stuff, friends and everything wasting my time and energy I'm just giving up!


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