Şubat 27, 2017

At night a candle's brighter than the sun!

how fool I am, I've thought for a second 2017 might have brought me some nice things. It just showed some nice things and took all it back or made me upside down.


I just dont know what to do.

I just dont know what I want.

I just dont know who I am.

I just dont know where I belong.

I am just as a 30 years old teenager in personality crises!

life is cruel. And I feel like mine's a bit more cruel. (right now I strongly felt guilty about what I've written a sec before when the refugees fleeing from the war, kids getting abused at street came to my mind. yes I am in that perfect mood again not surprisingly.)

I have a new age resolution in my mind which I really need to write but may not share/post it. But before than that, I deeply need to write what I made a mistake, what I didnt do properly, what I missed, what I'd been expecting from life and couldnt get, etc.. I need to face my mistakes and regrets during my 20's I've made and I definitely wont share of course!

Even trying to get over a break up all I need was writing. I cant get rid of my thoughts unless I write. I just want to be creative and productive again. (I just even dont remember when lastly I was productive or creative, I feel like I've been  neither productive nor creative, I donno.)

since the life starts at 30, I let it start in a different way with less rules, less anxiety, more fun and more "I only live once".

I'll do that resolution and I'll let you know babe!


ps: I know the headline is totally irrelevant, but I want it. from now on, it's gonna be like that.

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