Aralık 20, 2016

why dont I go on a date with turkish guys?

"cuz they are terrible cheaters." answer is easy, simple and quick. besides many bad attitudes they have, that's it, they are terrible cheaters!

I have opened a tinder account just a week ago (and frankly I'm quite having fun.) During the same week I've seen "lots" of my male friends who have married or in a relationship on tinder.

and the last one was fucking dissapointing for me. couple min ago, I was swiping to left without making effort and thinking too much which is pretty comfortable. I just stopped suddenly cuz I've seen one of my married happily ever after male friend. his facebook profile photo was looking at me with smiling! after getting over that short state of shock, I came to myself and mumbled: "that's why I no longer go on a date with Turks and have sex."

he has a very beautiful, smart and loyal wife who are married for 4-5 years and they were living together before than that for couple years more. judging him is not my business on the other hand, as an outsider, I cant stop myself to think that he doesnt deserve my friend "at all". he is short -his wife is taller than him-, chubby, almost bold, have an average salary -his wife is making her own money at least as much as him if it's not more-, etc. I mean he has nothing particular to attract a woman. and I was believing -till a few sec ago- that he has nothing particular in a materialistic way but a good heart and honesty which are fair enough for a marriage/serious relationship.

I will not question why he is an asshole or how can be courageous that much. I didnt think even a second why he has a dating app on the phone or didnt doubt that he is a cheator or not. obviously if he didnt cheat on her yet, he is looking for an opportunity. I feel deeply sorry for her and I dont know whether I should tell her or not.

as a person who has been cheated on couple times by couple different turkish ex boyfriends, that's why I no longer go on a date with turks.

here is the answer.

ps: I was considering to post in english for a while but I couldnt do that till now for some reason. I dont know why but suddenly I've started to write in english, so I would like to announce that I will continue to write in both languages from now on!


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